Zero Blaster – Replacement Fluid

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Zero Blaster – Replacement Fluid
Use the Zero Smoke Ring Blaster to model nuclear fission plasmas! — The Zero Fog Blaster launchs 2 to 6 inch diameter non-toxic fog rings that will sail to fourteen feet and beyond. Easy to use, they are great stress busters and with practice you’ll be able to create bigger and better rings. — The Zero Blaster uses the same liquid that Hollywood uses in the movies to make special effects fog. Like a snowflake, each fog ring is unique, expanding at its own rate and traveling at its own speed. — The Blaster can also be used to provide a fascinating insight into the principles of physics. The fog ring is a rotating toroidal (donut shaped) vortex (whirling motion of liquid or air with a low pressure area in the center). — For you technical types – the Zero Blaster has an elastic diaphram that pushes a burst of air through a small opening. — Zero Blaster comes in transluscent red and ships with 3 ounces of Super Fog-Ring Fluid (cherry scent), enough for more than 25,000 fog rings! Requires 6 AA batteries (not included).
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