Yo-Yo Blazer Peg Pack

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Yo-Yo Blazer Peg Pack
The Blazer is a high performance all aluminum, wing-shaped yo-yo designed and manufactured to very high tolerances. It is best used by advanced players or those with some intermediate yoing skill – it is not for beginners. It’s made in the USA and comes with a large, high rated,long spinning ball bearing that makes this yo-yo the best performer in the Yomega line. Extra polyester string included. This yo-yo weighs approximately 70 grams and comes in five anodized colors – Blue, Green, Red, Gold & Purple. Please note: This yo-yo is not designed for Off-String play. Aluminum yo-yos will easily dent or scratch against hard surfaces – special care and skills are required to use this yo-yo properly. Please read all the instructions prior to play.
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