Yo-yos help young knights develop quick reflexes. Designed with the LEGO KNIGHTS? KINGDOM logo on one side, and a star swirl on the other. Plastic; 1

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Model: 049871121988:Ages: 8 and up:Manufacturer: Yomega::Crafted from machined aluminum, the Yomega Metallic Missile is a fully functional advanced level yo-yo and is the flagship of Yomega’s High Performance fleet. The Metallic Missile comes in blue and black. Please specify your color preference (if any) in the comments box during checkout. : * 1 Engraved Metallic Missile: * 1 Roll of Yo Tape: * 5 Extra Strings: * 2 Extra Protective O Rings: * 1 Extra Bearing: * I Complete Instructional Booklet

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The Power Brain XP has quickly become one of our best sellers. Yomega has followed up the XP with this new Power Brain XP Wing. It is a winged version of the XP yoyo. The Power Brain XP Wing is designed for easy string trick play. This yoyo also comes with Yomegas new smart switch which allows a player to “switch” the auto-return clutch on or off, depending on skill level. Two yo-yos in one, and highly recommended!

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Originally introduced in 1963, the Duncan Sportsline is back! These sports ball-shaped yo-yos are fun for kids of all ages. With packaging featuring killer art from Duncan Trick Book artist Li Shyu, the Duncan Sportsline is back for the new millennium.

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Utilizing the basic design of the Imperial Butterfly, the Wheels series mixes in a bit of slick looking modern design to dress it up compared to its less fancy cousin. Sporting designs like you’d see on wheels of the slickest hot rods, the Wheels series is a must have for the style conscious thrower.


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size approx 2-1/8 diam, easily fits in your backpack or pocket fun and entertaining, this yoyo features Winnie The Pooh picture and light up capability Officially licensed product, Manufacturer: What Kids Want

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The Butterfly by Duncan® has been the best selling butterfly-shaped yo-yo in the world since it’s introduction in 1958.:With a wide gap for easier string tricks, the Butterfly is a classic yo-yo for kids of all ages.:Color will vary from the picture.:Not for children under the age of three.

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The DragonFly is a butterfly shaped ball-bearing yo-yo, rim-weighted for long spin times. With a special, modified Butterfly shape, the DragonFly is great for high-speed tricks. The DragonFly also has interchangeable sidecap graphics, and Brake Pads for smooth, reliable response. The DragonFly sidecaps feature several different versions of the DragonFly logo.

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The first and only yo-yo that allows for two levels of play in one super advanced yo-yo. The secret is the patented Yomega Smart Switch that turns the clutch system on when you want auto-return features and off when your looking to switch to longer spin times and string tricks. Flip the Smart Switch to one setting and you have an auto-return yo-yo. Flip the Smart Switch to a different setting and it’s a manual return yo-yo. It really is like having two yo-yos in one!

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Yo Yo Fun for Any Event! Looking for prizes or give-a-ways for your carnival or event? We have the toys you need to make your event a hit. 2″ long and wide. Porcupine ball yo-yo. Assorted colors. Prizes like these are ideal for your next carnival or event. We have the prizes your guests will enjoy, and the prices you?ll love. – Shop By Category > Favors, Toys, Gifts > Yo-Yos

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