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With Red Astronomy Filter — Focus easily from a flood light to a spot beam with this compact, high intensity krypton lamp. Bendable arm extends to 9″ and can reach places ordinary lights can?t. — Snap-on the red lens for emergency light and night vision. Waterproof lamp head for use underwater. — NOW SAVE 20%!

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Electroluminescent illuminated flexible wire sets can be used for a lot of things but when they?re battery powered they?re perfect for Halloween and Trick or Treat safety concerns! Each thin, flexible EL wire set is 3.3? long and runs on two standard AA batteries (not included). Mode settings include steady glow and slow or fast flash! Make it part of a brilliantly lit, custom designed costume or simply add it for illuminated safety while Trick or Treating in the dark. From Velleman. (Think Tron!)

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**Enhance the romance with the elegance of fiber optic lighting — Turn off the lights and see floating blue dots shining in the air. Fiber Optic lighting is the technology of transmitting light from a centralized source (illuminator) through and acrylic cable (stranded or solid core) to a feature or fixture. — This classic Fiber Optic Light is great for a table topper at parties or anywhere in the house. 12 hours battery life. Silver base. Measures 9? tall. — Requires 3 ?AA? batteries (not included), can also run off a 4.5V power adapter (not included). — .

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10 Glowing 3″ ghosts spanning about 14’? now that’s fun! Each of these little guys has a different ghostly expression and is illuminated by a tiny 12 volt bulb, and they are interchangeable? put them in any order you like. This string of lights is approved for both indoor and outdoor use, includes 2 extra bulbs, and includes a red-tipped bulb which can be put in the first socket in the string to make your ghosts flash.

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Watch with amazement as the electricity follows your finger tips across the 3-inch glass ball. Powered by your USB port this Plasma ball light will create a unique and fun environment on your desk or workstation. This 3-inch plasma ball is small enough to not take up too much desktop space, and is big enough to amaze your co-workers with its awe inspiring light show.

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Classic, yet contemporary.. — The Airplane Ride desk sculpture is a whimsical touch to any room. Metal airplanes rotate in simulation of an amusement park ride. — Powered through a solar panel aimed at a bulb or window, this decorative sculpture and lamp makes the perfect gift for any flying enthusiast!

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Colors May Vary infrared paintball adjusting speed control Recommended Age Range 5 to 12, Recommended age group: 6 – 11 years, Manufacturer: Power Gear

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Get A Little Flashy. Small glittery flashing LED buttons, each 7/8″ dia round x 1/2″ thick with a tiny on/off switch, a magnetic back and a steel disc to attach it to paper or fabric. Put a bunch on your shirt for your birthday, brighten up the logo on your cap, or highlight your name tag at the next convention. People ignoring your notes? Use one as a paper clip. They work nicely as hair ornaments but, sadly, the magnets are not quite strong enough for earlobes. Each comes with a replaceable (if you have tiny-enough fingers) CR927-G7 button cell inside. Our each is a box of (10). You’ll get (3) light green, (3) red and (4) blue, but the LED flashers inside are all red and green. Even if you do get an occasional dud (which you might), these are a real bargain at this price!


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