This is a unique collectible yo-yo. Based upon the same design as the Custom Axl yo-yo, this model is also known as the “Golden Eye” and it features a genuine 24K gold plating.

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Haunted Halloween Fun Not Boring Candy! Year after year your trick-or-treaters stuff themselves with the same boring and unhealthful candy. This year, they deserve better–give away fun Halloween treats like this Pumpkin Noise Drum! 3 3/4″ long. Made of plastic. These unique Halloween supplies aren’t just a great surprise for your trick-or-treaters, they are also a fun addition to any Halloween party. Spook up the event by decorating with original Halloween items like these. Or help your guests remember how much fun they had by giving them this as a party favor give-a-way. – Shop By Category > Favors, Toys, Gifts > Noisemakers > Clappers, Clackers & Drums

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Voice changer has three settings to disguise your voice, Monster, Alien and amplify your own voice Microphone is on a flexible cord. Sound box can be attached to your belt, the cord concealed under your costume and the microphone can be placed inside a mask. The soundbox can also be placed on a door with the microphone inside another room. Requires 3 AA batteries, Manufacturer: Click on Party

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