300 Spartan Helmet Replica

300 Spartan Helmet Replica - Buy 300 Spartan Helmet Replica - Purchase 300 Spartan Helmet Replica (Windlass Studios, Toys & Games,Categories,Activities & Amusements)
300 Spartan Helmet Replica
Keep a good head on your shoulders! This is certainly one way to ‘keep one’s head’ in the chaos and confusion of battle or your ever-expanding collection. Made to withstand the rigors of war, this magnificent 300 helmet replica is forged of steel and plated in antiqued brass to give you the finest in collectible headgear. Lined with leather and based on the graphic novel artwork of Frank Miller, this remarkable 12-inch tall Spartan helmet features an adjustable chinstrap, display stand, and certificate of authenticity. It will draw attention wherever you choose to present it. So keep your head and wits about you and order yours today!
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